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Something crosses our mind when we think about summer ... we feel the heat... clothes bother us ... we change our mood and we become more open. Hours last longer when the first symptoms arrive that summer is here.

Every year we adsd the same sensations and, finally, we decided that the best way to transmit what has been happening to us year after year ... is to show it into our product ... modern, fresh, elegant footwear with the tradition of our typical shoe of the island, the Avarca or Menorquina.

Everyone already knows this shoes, and, above all, whoever tries them falls in love. The good stuff always repeats.

Blaumare decides to combine all the sensations that summer and the island transmits to give you a unique shoe full of essence. And, the best, a product 100% handmade in the same factory that our grandparents already made their first models ... even without knowing that their shoes would go around the world.

Blaumare´s team is happy with this new quality product that will not go unnoticed wherever you go.

Choose the models that you like the most ... they all have their story and the experience of Marta and María so that you can enjoy every day.